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It is important to note that every manufacturer's size scale varies a little. The charts listed in our catalog and on our website correspond to the way our merchandise fits. Sometimes members will end up being a different size in our apparel than what they normally buy in the store. We know that most people are hesitant about selecting a size from our chart that is larger than what they would normally wear. However, we do recommend basing your size selection on our size chart instead of what you might wear in another brand. For most ladies' garments, it is easiest to start by locating the bust and waist measurements on the size chart. For bust and waist measurements, the chart lists the maximum recommended measurement for that size. Depending on the style of the dress, the hip measurements may have additional ease over the chart measurement. Our customer service representatives can give you more specific information on which styles can tolerate a bigger difference in hip measurements. 

It is common for people to fall between sizes. Here is an example of a woman that is not exactly chart proportionate, but can select a size with a little compromise. Her measurements are: bust 37.5", waist 29", hips 42", skirt length 42". The dress that she is purchasing references size chart B. Notice that her bust and hips are between a size 8 and 10. Her waist is between a size 6 and 8. Since her bust and hips measurements are in the size 10 range, and her waist in the size 8 range, we will order a size 10 for her knowing that her dress can be altered at the waist for a more exact fit. All of our pants and formal dresses are shipped extra long to be hemmed locally for each individual wearer. 

We request that you try to size as many of your members as possible using the above guidelines. If you have members that are especially difficult to fit, you can give us a call to discuss them with a customer service representative. As indicated by the previous example, often compromises have to be made and sometimes alterations will be necessary. Custom sizes are available on many items for individuals that are above the size range of our charts. 



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Here are some tips that will help you make sure that all of your members look terrific! First, check the description for the item that you are ordering, and note the chart letter that is listed. Click on the chart link and notice which measurements are needed for that particular chart. We have provided you with a roster on the second page of the order form. This page is to be used as a worksheet for you to list your members, their measurements and the sizes that you select for them.

We recommend that members are measured wearing only undergarments or very lightweight clothing, such as a T-shirt. Measuring over bulky clothing will give you inaccurate measurements. Make sure to hold the tape measure straight. it should be snug, but not tight.


  1.  BUST: Women measure around the fullest part of the bust, and around the back, over the bra line.
  2. CHEST: Men measure across the shoulder blades, under arms, across chest.
  3. WAIST: Measure around smallest part of natural waist.
  4. HIPS: Measure around the fullest part of hips.
  5. SKIRT LENGTH: Measure from waist to desired location for hem.
  6. SLEEVE LENGTH: Men's tuxedo shirts only. Bend elbow. Measure from center of back of neck, across shoulder, around point of elbow to wrist bone.
  7. BACK LENGTH: Measure from base of neck to natural waist.